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For years we have noticed how conservative the Dutch car market is. Time for renewal, time for a way of buying a used car that really suits this time!

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Buying a car at Shift Up

With the exception of a few small innovations, every car dealer continues to do the same as 30 years ago. When a consumer is interested in buying a car, he used to see an advertisement in the Saturday edition of the Telegraaf, which is now visible online at all times on sites such as Autotrack, Autoscout24 and Gaspedaal. The Internet provided more supply and transparency for consumers. However, many studies show that consumers still experience “pain” when buying a new car. “Has the car been damaged?”, “Is the mileage of the car correct?” “Isn’t there something wrong with the car?”

After many years of experience in buying and selling BMWs, MINIs, Porsches and Land Rovers and experience with automotive advertising platform AutoTrack, I knew there was space for improvement!

Shift Up literally stands for upshifting, continuous improvement. Nobody is waiting to drink coffee endlessly with a car salesman in a showroom. Take in all the information that is useful to you from your couch or the kitchen table. Whether you want to know where this car has been serviced, what signs of wear the car has, or go through a NAP odometer report or CARFAX in the pub with your friends, all this should be possible without having any personal contact with the seller, without any threshold. And whether you want your new car delivered at home or if you want to pick it up the old-fashioned way while enjoying a coffee in Amstelveen, that is up to you!

Shift Up is mainly specialized in young used BMWs & MINIs, but also has a lot of knowledge and experience with brands such as Porsche & Land Rover. Transparent, thinking with you, available 7 days a week and continuously innovative, that is what we stand for!

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Daarom Shift Up

  • Persoonlijke aandacht voor klanten
  • Online je nieuwe auto bekijken en bestellen
  • Gratis proefrit bij je thuis of op kantoor
  • Wij helpen je bij een passende financiering en inruilprijs
  • Al onze auto’s zijn optische en technisch uitgebreid gecheckt en gefixed
  • Transparant over gebruikerssporen die in overleg te herstellen zijn
  • Aflevering van je nieuwe auto bij ons in Amstelveen of bij je thuis

We provide the Shift Up feeling every day

Meet the team!

Constantijn Reiziger

Founder and salesman

Johan Heil

Operations manager

Han Hogervorst


Shift Up HQ

Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee with us in Amstelveen.

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