Enjoy your new car carefree.

At Shift Up we are convinced of the quality of the cars we deliver. The cars we deliver have undergone an extensive optical and technical inspection. We are happy to confirm our quality of the cars by delivering your new car with warranty. Depending on the age of the car, there are various options for this.

Standard 6 months warranty

At Shift Up, you will get a standard 6-month warranty on the engine and gearbox on your new BMW or MINI, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Our BMWs and MINIs with an age of less than 3 years still have a factory warranty.

Do you prefer more assurance? Then we can take out an additional warranty for you via Autotrust! This warranty applies to the engine, gearbox and electronics, among other things.

Suddenly a problem?

If you suddenly experience a problem with your car, we would like to hear from you. We will schedule an appointment with you soon to diagnose the problem.

You can bring the car to us, but we can also pick it up at your home or office. During the diagnosis and possible repair, you will get a replacement car from us if you wish.